Concrete Screw TCS

Self thread cutting screws for use in concrete and high strength masonry. Perfect for smaller baseplates.

Nylon Drive in Anchor TKD

Plastic anchor for fixing to plasterboard without the need for drilling.

Universal Nylon Plug TQ

Patented four way expansion nylon plug made from polyamide. Universal use in multiple substrates.

Metal Frame Anchor MFA

Fire resistant anchor for fixing to concrete ans masonry. Suitable for door frames.

Metal Drive In Anchor TMD

Metal alloy anchor for direct screwing into plasterboard without drilling. Perfect for fire rated partitions.

Shield Anchor TSB

Medium to heavy duty metal expansion sleeve for use in concrete and masonry. Can also be used with standard metric bolts or studs.

Plastic Insulation Anchor TKI

Plastic anchor for fixing insulation to concrete and masonry.

Drywall Plug TGF

Plastic interlock anchor for use in plasterboard. Can be used in combination with standard screws.

Anchor Plug TAP

Standard anchor plug for use with screws. Suitable in all solid substrates.

Throughbolt TXA

Torque controlled metal expansion anchors for use in concrete. Perfect for though bolted connections.

Ceiling Wire Hanger TCH

Displacement controlled anchor with eye hole. Suitable for suspension of wire hung ceilings.

Sleeve Anchor TSA

Light to medium duty metal expansion sleeve for use in concrete and masonry. Can be used with metric bolts or studs.

Metal Insulation Anchor TMI

All metal construction insulation fixing. Suited for fire resistant assemblies.

Nylon Frame Anchor TGXL

Universal frame fixing for use in concrete and masonry. Various head configurations to suit different applications.

Nylon Hammer Plug TNX

Nylon hammerset anchor for use in concrete and masonry. Hammer stop to prevent premature expansion.

Toggle Anchor KTA

Versatile drywall anchor for quick installation into drywall board and other board materials. Capable of carrying medium to large loads.

Ceiling Wedge Anchor TCA

Displacement controlled hammer set anchor with a large head. Suitable for fixing suspended ceilings and drywall tracks.

Drop In Anchor TDI

Drop in anchors for flush fixings. Displacement controlled expansion with heavy duty performance.

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