Concrete Screw - TCS


TCS Test Head.png

Hexagonal Washer Head

Larger bearing area especially suited for oversized and slotted holes in the base plate. Uses standard metric socket drive.

TCS Test Thread.png

Hardened thread cutting teeth

Extra hardened teeth cut threads into the concrete to give improved pullout values.

TCS Test Head.png

Pan Head

Pan head version for aesthetically pleasing finishes. Uses standard TORX® drive.

TCS Test Head.png

Countersunk Head

Countersunk version provide a flush finish. Also uses standard TORX® drive.

TCS Test Head.png

Special Coating

The version with special coating provides increased resistance to corrosion with performance exceeding hot dipped galvanized finishes.


- Handrails

- Scaffolding

- Temporary Fixings

- Facade Brackets

- Formwork


Zinc Plated

Stainless Steel A4/316

Silver Ruspert

Hot Dipped Galvanized

Product Information

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