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Product range

Helical supplies an extensive range of fasteners and fixings. Our core products include Gas actuated fastening tools and accessories, chemical and mechanical anchors, DIN and ISO screws, bolts, nuts, and a huge variety of specialized fixings for a multitude of applications.


Direct Fastening

Sympafix gas actuated tools and accessories for reliable fixings to concrete, masonry, and steel


Chemical Anchors

Chemical anchors with European Technical Assessments for long term fixings in concrete and masonry.


Mechanical Anchors

Throughbolt, Concrete Screws, Drop-in Anchors, Shield Anchors and many more for fixings to several substrates.



ASTM/ EN Drywall screws, DIN / ISO Self tapping Screws, Self Drilling Screws and many more.

Our Products: Our Products
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